We are M or E

We’re a consultancy with a difference – we specialize in lean transformations. We help businesses make the most of their potential by supplying interim management services that stands out from the crowd, supporting them with the latest interactive- and/or unrivalled strategic marketing- solutions. 

M for Management

We believe that organizations grow inefficiently by their very nature, and can quickly reach a point where innovation, focus and growth can stall. Our only goal is to enable every business we work with to focus on what you do best – if you are a baker, make the best bread !

E for Expertise

We will help you to define the business model that fits your long-term goals and/or help you define these goals with a clear focus. Have you ever wondered why you didn’t close that deal, or how your competitor is able to expand faster than you? Have great ideas of new markets you could succeed in, but not sure if its worth the risk? Lean methodology can give you the tools and structure needed to transform your business into what you have always believed it can be. It’s the cornerstone of everything we do, believe in your business’ potential !